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Jessica Brazil is the author of #100MindfulDays, to get inspired by posting a daily reminder of your mindfulness practice.

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Practicing mindfulness is a gradual process of mind-body-spirit consciousness. The term mindfulness derived from the pali-term satl which is an essential element of Buddhist practice and has been popularized in the United States by Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD. Key concepts include being an observer of thoughts, feelings, and sensations rather than being consumed by them.


#100MindfulDays is a project that challenges us to be mindful every day for 100 days. This project seeks to inspire and encourage everyone to find a moment of mindfulness in their lives daily. Share your journey with friends or the world and see the difference.

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    Why Mindfulness?


    Mindfulness is scientifically proven to:

    • Reduce Stress
    • Improve Memory
    • Reduce Anxiety and Depression
    • Increase Emotional Regulation
    • Increase Empathy


    What is Mindfulness?


    Being mindful simply means paying attention to the present moment in a particular way, with the intention of being compassionate, using discerning judgment, and practicing complete acceptance of the moment exactly as it is.